Family & Friends

Supporting a Career Journey

Everyone benefits from the support and encouragement of parents, carers, family members and friends. You can actively support another person in their career decisions and ongoing journey by:

  • Spending time to build an understanding of what interests them, and where these interests might lead them including possible occupations and training needs;
  • Listening without judgement as they test out their ideas;
  • Carefully offering your perspective and discussing why it is you have that opinion;
  • Doing some research of your own into career information sources and services, so you can bring into your conversations connections to people and resources that can help them make career decisions, and to take action. 

Information and Resources about Australian Apprenticeships

If you're supporting a career researcher knowing a few key sources of information is important.  

This site, Australian Apprenticeships Pathways, provides up-to-date and reliable information and resources illustrating the breadth of apprenticeship and traineeship options.  Here are a few examples:

  • The Industry Information area provides a general background brief on major industry sectors;
  • The Work Type Explorer, and the more detailed Career Interest Explorer, works from very general ideas of seven work environments to help people identify the strength of their industry or occupation interests; 
  • The Job & Training Description search option allows for a search through broad industry categories toward more detailed information, helping refine a person's interests.

These are two useful starting points when using this website:

Why are networks needed?

"It's not what you know, but who you know?"

Well it's both really! The more research and thinking someone does the greater the chance of a decision that lasts. But information comes from many sources, including personal contacts. These contacts may be drawn from a range of family, friends and acquaintance.

For some 'career researchers' talking to other people about their experiences is very engaging and can bring to life different options and opinions. The My Gain apprentice and trainee videos are also a way of good way of listening to young people talking about the decisions they made.

Helping to develop networks is a positive way family and friends can help someone build their understanding of their options, and of course they can also be very important once career research turns into job hunting.

Who can be part of a network?  

Family, friends, neighbours; employers and co-workers; teammates and classmates; teachers and coaches; and community leaders.

Higher education?

Education and training isn't a one-way street that starts at 'A' and goes to 'B', and only takes place when a person is young. 

A career pathway is likely to see a lot of changes over someone's working life, and in so many cases the changes will be based on learning new skills or adding to existing skills. A pathway can start by completing a qualification that underpins an Australian Apprenticeship, or by entry into a university course. 

Australian Apprenticeships provide access to a career pathway based on a structure of qualifications, from entry-level to higher levels such as Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. At all levels they combine practical work skills as well as the training.  

This combination provides apprentices and trainees not just with a wage, but also a solid foundation for deciding on directions for further study, which may include entering the higher education area. A completed qualification may also support a future application to enter a University course.  

A key message is: undertaking any kind of training, at any level, will help keep career options open in future years and for future directions.  

Listening to stories

Listening to stories

Career thinking is supported by taking small steps into the world of work. This may be through work experience, volunteering, or casual and part-time work.

Watching videos is also a useful way of building an understanding of occupations and also how to find one.

The Australian Apprenticeship My Gain YouTube channel is a great source of videos of apprentices and trainees talking about their jobs and experiences.

Check out the videos
Thinking ahead to some next steps

Thinking ahead to some next steps

Pre-apprenticeships also provide an experience of industries and occupations that help inform future choices. They are a good way of testing out interests in specific occupations or industries.

A school-based apprenticeship or traineeship is an option that introduces employment and vocational training while also maintaining a general secondary school career.

Pre-apprenticeships can be run by local providers, including Registered Training Organisations and Group Training Organisations. Many are listed by providers on this website.

Pre-apprenticeships Information