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Where can I find information about the industry I want to work in?

By getting to know the industry you want to work and train in you will have a better idea of the standards and commitment expected of you, and you'll have more confidence when speaking with potential employers or going for an interview.

Practice Aptitude Quizzes are a good way to learn what reading, comprehension and maths skills are needed to start an entry level apprenticeship or traineeship qualification within an industry.

The Australian Government’s website also has a lot of career and occupational information and statistics

Industry Information

Industry Information

For more specific industry information outlining occupations, career pathways and job outlook, try the Industry Information pages.

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Common Research Questions

Do I need to do a pre-apprenticeship before I commence an apprenticeship or traineeship?

Pre-apprenticeship or pre-vocational courses are not a pre-requisite to getting an apprenticeship or traineeship. However, there are some industries, such as the electrical and construction industries, in which employers often prefer to hire someone who has completed a pre-apprenticeship.

Pre-apprenticeships give you the basic skills and knowledge in the industry that you want to work in and may even contribute to reduce the duration of an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Use the  Pre-apprenticeship Finder on this site to search for pre-apprenticeships and providers in your location. 

It can also be a good strategy to approach local providers like TAFE to ask what they have on offer.

Are there any financial incentives available?

Apprenticeship Network providers are the official source of information on the incentives that may be available to you or your potential employer. These organisations are available to talk directly to employers about all the details of incentives.  

But for job hunters it is useful to have some information ready to provide an employer as a way of getting them interested!

Click here to search for Apprenticeship Network providers that service your local area.

How much will I get paid during my apprenticeship or traineeship?

The Fair Work Ombudsman is the source of information about wages and conditions.  The FWO provides specific information on apprenticeships and traineeships.

Click through to Fair Work Ombudsman or call 13 13 94 for more information.

How much are the course fees?

The training delivery costs for Australian Apprenticeships registered by states and territories are generally paid for by government, but there may be other associated fees or costs. For information about fees related to an apprenticeship or traineeship speak to a Registered Training Organisation that delivers the training.  An Apprenticeship Network provider or Group Training Organisation may also provide advice.

A Registered Training Organisation may be a public organisation, for example a TAFE, or a private organisation.

You can find Registered Training Organisation delivering courses here.

Step Three - Job Hunting

Step Three - Job Hunting

Finding an apprenticeship or traineeship is much like finding any type of job, there are many different ways.

Job advertisements for apprenticeships and traineeships can be found in many places such as on the internet, on community bulletin boards and in newspapers.

Using contacts and targeting employers can be the most effective way of finding opportunities.

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More information


Australia’s National Online Career Information Service for career planning, pathway searching and work transitions. Information and support for individuals or for those who influence career decisions.

Wages and Entitlements

The Fair Work Ombudsman provides wage and entitlement information. Visit the website to find our more.

Jobs and Careers Information

Youth Central is the Victorian Government's website for young people aged 12-25.