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Looking back at 2020 with AATIS

Are we right to go…

As we say goodbye to 2020, and the challenges that it brings we want to acknowledge everyone who has been impacted by the Coronavirus. Whether it impacted your job, your family life, your social life or any area of your life… we want to celebrate all the challenges that we as a country have, and continue to, overcome.

No matter your victories, from home schooling, working from home, graduating high school, learning to bake, completing that puzzle, to even finishing every series on Netflix… we know that achievements in 2020 look very different to the years before.

And we want to make sure that you celebrate your victories, and we want to celebrate ours.

So here is our summary of 2020, and all that we at the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service have achieved over this tumultuous year.

We started the year off with the devastating bushfires, which inspired a renewed focus on environmental management throughout January and February.

We also headed to Bundaberg, QLD to film our first MyGain footage for 2020. Little did we know, it would be a long time before the team got behind the camera.

In the background there was talk of the Coronavirus, and by March the first wave had hit Melbourne and as we moved to our new work from home arrangements, we focused on sharing clear and concise information about what the pandemic would mean for apprentices and their employers, and the incentives available to assist them.

We also held our first online event, which was scheduled to be held in a physical location in Melbourne the first week of lockdown. After advice from the Government, we moved the event online and thus started our journey of digital events throughout 2020.

Throughout the year, we held over 15 webinars covering topics such as ‘Communications in Crisis’, ‘The AATIS Schools Guide launch’, ‘The Role of Sustainability in the Future Workforce’, ‘Job Hunting in a Post-Covid World’ and many more.

Whilst moving our events online, we also adapted our MyGain Channel to focus more on Podcast episodes, which were obtainable during the pandemic.

The middle of the year saw a plunge in commencements, with high numbers of suspensions and a focus on re-engaging displaced apprentices. AATIS also launched the Schools Guide, AATIS blog, and Careers Bulletin newsletter.

September saw the Federal and State governments announcing JobTrainer packages and commencing additional funded VET training.

Also, in October the Federal Government handed down a delayed budget, which included the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy. We released content to explain what this means for Australian Apprentices and their Employers and continued to update this content as things changed and adapted.

By November, a new normal had begun to evolve with the news that we could head back to the office. As we still had many travel restrictions in place, we help our November Information Sessions Series online and digitally visited all major cities across Australia. During these sessions, we also launched our Employer Readiness Quiz and our Videos Project.

Throughout the year, we also released new resources and updated prior resources. These resources include:

  • The AATIS Schools Guide
  • The AATIS Blog
  • Active Industry Facebook Group
  • Active Apprentices Facebook Group
  • Careers Bulletin
  • Resource Videos
  • Employer Readiness Quiz
  • MyGain with AATIS videos and podcast
  • Fast Facts sheets
  • COVID-19 Information page on AAPathways

December kicked off with our last (and second) MyGain shoot for the year, with the team heading out to Macclesfield, VIC to explore what a career in arboriculture looks like and help the team at DNA Training promote this career pathway in 2021.

As we plan our schedule for 2021, we again want to congratulate everyone for making it through 2020. We know that this year was not what any of us had in mind, and that many of us are walking away from the year in very different positions to where we started.