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Learning the tools of the trade, and the trade of Arboriculture

What a way to end the year!

I started in my position as ‘Graduate Marketing Officer’ with AATIS in September this year, mid-lockdown. Previously I had worked with businesses to create marketing content, most of these businesses were in the beauty & aesthetic industry, so the apprenticeship world wasn’t one I was overly familiar with.

"Right now, almost 300,000 Australian’s are working towards their Australian Apprenticeship. Thousands more have completed their training and are working in the industries they trained for, with hundreds of workplaces hiring apprentices to make up their current and future workforces.

These apprenticeships range from construction, beauty, hospitality, business and everything in between. We are also keen to promote diversity across Australian Apprenticeships, including Indigenous Australians, women in trades, and people with a disability through our video series and podcast.

MyGain by AATIS captures a moment in the life of these individuals, and the people that employ them, giving users an insight into their careers."

I (the one on the left) had watched the MyGain videos and heard stories from colleagues about being ‘on the road’ filming and interviewing others within the apprenticeship space, but actually moving away from my work from home set up and getting out to film videos felt a whole world away.

I was over the moon (and extremely nervous) when I received an invite to the DNA Training Solutions filming day. I was finally able to get out and about! Being the keen, ‘new kid on the block’ I made sure I arrived super early!  When I arrived, it appeared maybe I was a little too early, I was the only AATIS employee there.

Nervous was an understatement, I had no clue what to expect, I had never spent time with training organisations, apprentices or many trade people in general. As soon as I built up the courage to get out of the car, Belinda from DNA Training Solutions greeted me with a smile and introduced me to the others. My nerves eased soon after that, everyone was so friendly and approachable. The rest of the AATIS team shortly arrived, and the day began!

The day centred around “A Day in the Life of an Arborist”, which admittedly I had been pronouncing ‘abattoirs’ until later in the week… I have since learnt they are very different professions!

Businesses including Citywide, Active Tree service, Summit Open Space Services, Underline Tree Cleaning, DNA Training Solutions, Woods Enviro and Sand J Tree Care all attended the day bring along their apprentices, managers and other team members to demonstrate what life as an Arborist really entails.

We started the day interviewing apprentices and their bosses. Throughout the interviews everyone seemed to agree that becoming an Arborist is a perfect job for those who love working outdoors and have a passion for the environment. We then went on to film some demonstrations, these included tree planting, chain sawing, tree climbing and listening to a horticulturist diagnose a tree onsite. A personal favourite had to be the Tree Climbing, undertaken by Active Tree Services. The arborist ‘Spidermaned it’ up the tree, using nothing but the stakes on his shoes and ropes to climb (and surely years of experience and lots of training), cutting down branches that came close to the powerlines. If you’re afraid of heights, I do not recommend this profession! I was scared enough watching it from the ground.

I went into the day expecting to develop my film and production skills, learn a bit about apprentices and their journeys and meet new people. I definitely achieved this and more, I can now proudly diagnose a citrus tree with black mould too! Who would of thought!?

It was a special day, and I am truly grateful for the AATIS crew and staff at DNA Training for making my first work outing the day it was. Meeting so many friendly and amazing people has undeniably motivated me to learn more about my industry and reinforced the importance of what we at AATIS do.