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Introducing the new My Pathways Hub Account

What is the My Pathways Hub Account?

Navigating your way through information regarding Australian Apprenticeships can be quite the time-consuming activity, even if you’re searching in the right place. Fortunately, AAPathways has made the process of finding and storing Australian Apprenticeship information, an easy one. The new My Pathways Hub Account facilitates a custom user journey, whereby users can choose the information and resources that they would like to save, allowing for quick and easy future access. Designed with providing the best user experience front of mind, you’re bound to benefit from using the new My Pathways Hub Account.


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What are the benefits of having a My Pathway Hub Account?

  • Save key resources to your profile, including favourite Job & Training Descriptions with links to their Job Pathways Chart  
  • Save and track quiz results over time, including the Career Interest Explorer and Literacy & Numeracy quizzes  
  • Track how close students are to starting an apprenticeship with the Australian Apprenticeships Readiness Quiz  
  • Great for use with students and job hunters to keep a record of their journey through the AAPathways website  
  • Perfect if you’re working in the Australian Apprenticeships industry and would like to have all your Job & Training Descriptions in one place  

*Some existing users of the Australian Apprenticeship Pathways (AAPathways) website will have a different look to the accounts section, including the new My Pathways Hub accounts. This is due to browser caching for users who have previously visited the website. To ensure you are able to view it correctly, please clear your cache.
To find out more about how to clear your cache, click here to view our guide.

Who can register for a My Pathways Hub Account?

AATIS invites students and job hunters, as well as people working within the Australian Apprenticeships space to register for a My Pathways Hub Account. This includes people belonging to:  

  • Australian Apprenticeship Network Providers  
  • Group Training Organisations  
  • Registered Training Organisations  
  • Skill Service Organisations and Skills Organisations  
  • Industry Organisations  
  • State Training Authorities  
  • State and Federal Government Departments  
  • Employment Service Providers  
  • Schools  
  • Peak bodies working in related areas  

Is there a cost attached?

There is no cost associated to the My Pathways Hub Account.  

How do I get started?

Please be aware that the My Pathways Hub Account is not linked to your existing account. If you would like to register for a My Pathways Hub Account, you have two options:  

1) Register here using an alternate email address. You will not be able to use the email linked to your existing account.  
(This means that you will have two login credentials for the different components of the AAPathways website)  

2) To continue using the email linked to the existing account, please contact AATIS to register for a My Pathways Hub Account on your behalf. You can contact AATIS by emailing contact@aatis.com.au