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How do I become an Aged Care Worker?

Are you thinking about the next step in your career and like communicating with people, supporting individuals and building meaningful relationships with your clients? If this sounds like you, an Australian Apprenticeship in Individual Support might be the perfect step for your career.

What is an Aged Care Worker?

Working as an Aged Care Worker in a residential facility, you will assist elderly people with their daily routine activities and personal care, such as showering and dressing.

To become an Aged Care Worker, you can complete a Certificate III in Individual Support (CPC30111) whilst undertaking a 12-month Traineeship. To find out more about the training itself, find a brief summary of the training here.

What can you expect to be doing as an Aged Care Worker Trainee?

  • Provide individualised support

  • Support independence and well being

  • Communicate and work in health or community services

  • Work with diverse people

  • Work legally and ethically

  • Recognise healthy body systems

  • Follow safe work practices for direct client care

  • Facilitate the empowerment of older people

  • Provide support to people living with dementia

  • Meet personal support needs

  • Implement falls prevention strategies

  • Deliver care services using a palliative approach

  • Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures

How do I find a job as an Aged Care Worker?

If you are wondering how to start a traineeship, the first step is to find an employer who will have an open position for you. There are many different ways to find an apprenticeship or traineeship , starting from job search sites online to door-knocking, or via Group Training Organisations. To get started, have a look at these job search sites and look for any open positions that may be advertised.

It is also recommended to volunteer at an Aged Care Facility to get your foot in the door in this industry. It will also provide you with on-the-job experience and better understanding of if this is the right career path for you.

How can I learn more about this industry?

It is also a good idea to network with others in the industry and connect with employers. You can join the Active Apprentices Facebook group and reach out to other apprentices to find out what to expect.

Have a listen to Sue Ashton from NovaSkill as she shares her experience in the industry. 

To listen to other apprentices share their experiences of working in this industry, their job hunting experience and more, watch our collection of videos on the MyGain YouTube channel.

If you are interested in becoming an aged care worker but unsure of whether you have the skills, consider taking a Literacy and Numeracy Quiz. While this is not an assessment tool, it will give you an idea of your skills in relation to the demands of the job. You might also want to look into doing a pre-apprenticeship course which is like a gateway course into the industry of your choice and provides you with basic skills that will give you a leg-up while looking for an apprenticeship.

What Next?

If you are already in the Aged Care Industry, and are wondering what to do next, know that you have many options. The skills you have acquired during your traineeship can be transferred to other jobs.

To interact with other apprentices, and to be the first to know of any open apprenticeship positions, join the Active Apprentices Facebook Group or sign-up for our Careers Bulletin newsletter.