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Australian Apprenticeship Readiness Quiz

New AATIS Resource: Australian Apprenticeship Readiness Quiz (AARQ)

AATIS is proud to release yet another useful resource for students and job hunters contemplating entering the workforce via an Australian Apprenticeship: The Australian Apprenticeship Readiness Quiz (AARQ).

Before taking on an Australian Apprenticeship, it is important that students and job hunters are fully equipped to make such a commitment. The AARQ supplements AATIS’ other resources to help potential apprentices and trainees understand how prepared they are for their Australian Apprenticeship journey.

What is the AARQ?

The AARQ is an interactive tool that students and job hunters can use to self-assess their readiness to commit to an Australian Apprenticeship. The AARQ does this by asking users to rate how confident they are in their understanding of different aspects of an Australian Apprenticeship. The quiz is separated into six categories, each with their own set of six questions.

At the conclusion of the quiz, users will be directed to a results page that ranks each category from the one they are most confident in to the one they are least confident in. Each category has a button for more information next to it, which can be used to conduct further research into any of the areas of low confidence presented in the quiz results.

Users can save their results and share them with friends, supporters, and family via email. The AARQ also integrates with another of AATIS’ latest features, the My Pathways Hub account. The My Pathways Hub account feature allows users to save and track quiz results over time as well as bookmark favourite Job & Training Descriptions with links to their Job Pathways Chart. You can learn more about the My Pathways Hub account feature below.

Introducing the new My Pathways Hub Account

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Who is the AARQ for?

The AARQ is designed for students and job hunters who are considering an Australian Apprenticeship. It can be used at any point throughout their career research journey.

Users who are beginning their career research are encouraged to save their results by creating and logging into their My Pathways Hub account. From here, they can redo the quiz and track their progress over time.

Career changers or other users who may be more progressed in their career may also wish to do the quiz before commencing an Australian Apprenticeship, to check they have done all the relevant research.

What are the categories?

The categories chosen for the AARQ are reflective of the areas of knowledge and experience that need to be considered before commencing an Australian Apprenticeship. Through research, these six categories were determined to be most important when assessing the readiness of students and job hunters:

  • Australian Apprenticeship Knowledge: Important elements of apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Education and Training: Education and training elements including required foundation skills
  • Employment: Employment skills and attitudes required for Australian Apprenticeships
  • Job Hunting: Job hunting preparation including finding positions and applying for them
  • Occupation and Industry: Occupation or industry understanding related to your targeted role
  • Supports & Barriers: Supports and barriers to completing a successful Australian Apprenticeship

You can learn more about the categories listed above, as well as the research and methodology behind the AARQ by viewing our recent webinar below.

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Next steps

The AARQ is now live on the AAPathways website at aapathways.com.au/apprentice-trainee-readiness. You can also find the AARQ within the Job Hunting for Australian Apprenticeships section of the AAPathways menu, to the right of your screen.

We encourage students and job hunters to do the quiz as a part of their career research, and before applying for or commencing an Australian Apprenticeship to make sure they are prepared. Users should access the more information links for any categories that they score lower on, to enhance their understanding of the area.

By creating a My Pathways Hub account before starting the quiz, users can save their results and track changes in their responses over time. Learn more about the My Pathways Hub account here.

AATIS will maintain and review this quiz to ensure it continues to meet the needs of users and the Australian Apprenticeships industry.