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AATIS Releases Apprenticeship Resource Videos

In the month of November, we launched our first Australia wide digital information sessions. One of the highlights of the AATIS overview sessions were the newly launched apprenticeship and traineeship resource videos. At AATIS we provide accurate and unbiased information about apprenticeships and traineeships using our website, app, MyGain channel and resources. One of the tenets of our service is accessibility and we wanted to extend it by incorporating videos in our portfolio. 

AATIS has launched the new videos project to interactively demonstrate the breadth of services offered. Organisations will now be able to utilise them to help induct new staff on using these resources in their roles in the apprenticeships space. In a short, concise and user-friendly format the videos explain a number of key questions that correspond with specific pages on the aapathways website.

The first phase of videos focuses on the resources that we have available to industry insiders and apprentices such as field officer briefs, literacy & numeracy quizzes and job pathways charts. All resource videos demonstrate their location and how to utilise them to your advantage. For those who have known us in the past decade and more, the ‘AATIS Timeline’ will take you down memory lane. 

We are also planning to launch informational videos explaining a wide range of topics related to apprenticeships and traineeships in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for what's coming up next. In this part of the project, we will look to answer frequently asked questions regarding finding/commencing an apprenticeship and also key concerns from the employer’s perspective.

You will find the entire playlist of videos on our MyGain YouTube channel. If you would like to share these with your staff, please feel free to add them to your newsletter, embed on your website, share on social media, or play during your induction sessions. If you have any questions on how to use them or have any feedback related to the video, please write to us at contact@aatis.com.au.

To ensure that you are the first to know of the release of our second batch of videos, we highly recommend subscribing to our industry insiders newsletter. 

Watch the AATIS Resources Webinar

Launching the first series of AATIS Videos, this webinar showcases free AATIS resources and how to use them. Key resources covered in the session include:
- MyGain YouTube channel and podcast
- Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website
- Downloadable and customisable resources

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