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A sea of opportunities

When Jasmine Willoughby, second year apprentice, was awarded Apprentice of the Year for the Australian Maritime Sector in 2020 she was amazed by the opportunities that her Australian Apprenticeship had brought her.

Little did she know that a year and three completed RiverCat ships later, she would be making history by being invited by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Adrian Schrinner, to launch the latest City RiverCat.

Jasimine works with Group Training Organisation East Coast Apprenticeships, with her host employer being Aus Ships as a Metal Fabrication Apprentice. This career pathway involves undertaking a Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade and must be undertaken through a Training Contract or through formal trade recognition assessment processes.

To complete her apprenticeship, Jasmine will undertake roles such as assembling metal fabricated products such as structures, frames, plate and sheet assemblies, pipework and vessels using welding techniques. Welding techniques may include welding ferrous and non-ferrous metal plate or sheet. Welders use a range of hand tools and handheld power tools and workshop machines such as drills, grinders, clamps, benders and lifting equipment.

The opportunities for all people to be the best in traditional trades is exemplified in Jasmine’s achievements in such a short time.

Congratulations Jasmine on your incredible achievements.

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