Step by Step Guide to Becoming an Australian Apprentice

Searching and applying for an Australian Apprenticeship is very much like hunting for any job.

An employer has to create a vacancy and decide to use Australian Apprenticeships as a way to employ and train their staff.

The following steps will explain the process to get an Australian Apprenticeship from the preparation stage, to the time you begin your training.

Step 1 - Preparation
Find out which apprenticeship or traineeship qualifications you can do and create a resume.

Step 2 - Research
Find out what Government incentives are available, what wages you will be on, and what to expect with off-the-job training.

Step 3 - Job Hunting
Get tips on how to find apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies, apply for a position and attend an interview.

Step 4 - Sign up
Find out how to get signed up correctly into an Australian Apprenticeship.


The Pathway to an Australian Apprenticeship Flowchart summarises these steps.  Download the Flowchart by clicking here.