Job Sites

There is a wide range of national, local and industry specialist job search websites where you can look for an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Many of these websites can be accessed by computer, or mobile phone and tablet 'apps'.


JobSearch app

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Job Seeker JobSearch is Australia's largest free mobile app for online jobs. It is funded and operated by the Australian Government as a free service to assist job seekers into employment.
Everyone is welcome to use Job Seeker JobSearch mobile app to search for vacancies.
Vacancies displayed on Job seeker JobSearch come from many different sources, including:

• Public Employers
• jobactive Employment Services providers
• Newspapers
• The Australian Public Service
• The Australian Defence Force
• The Harvest Trail


Apprenticeships Jobsites

Checking local newspapers and internet job sites daily to see if any Australian Apprenticeships are currently available is one part of an effective job hunting strategy.  Here is a list of job sites that may help you keep in touch with these resources.
Another part of your job hunting strategy should be to find opportunities yourself by looking for employers likely to employ people in the occupation or industry you are interested in.  You should also make sure that family, friends, and as many contacts as you can, know that you are looking for an Australian Apprenticeship.  Click on Job Hunting tips to find out more.
National Apprentice Employment Network
Group Training Organisation’s (GTO’s) employ Australian Apprentices and hire them to other businesses, called host employers, while they are undertaking their training. There are a number of GTO’s in every State and Territory. Some hire apprentices or trainees in all industries, while some may only hire for specific industries.
AMA Apprenticeship & Traineeship Services have Apprenticeship vacancies in WA.  
Apprenticeship Central is a job search site dedicated to apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies across Australia.  
MAS Jobs National
MAS Jobs National for apprenticeship vacancies across Australia.
MEGT Apprenticeship jobs
MEGT Apprenticeship vacancies across Australia.
MRAEL Apprenticeship vacancies in QLD.

Sarina Russo Apprentice and Trainee vacancies
Can’t find the apprenticeship or traineeship you are looking. Try this website.
Skill 360 Far North QLD
Skill 360 Apprenticeship vacancies in Far North QLD.  
Skillsroad is an initiative of the Chamber movement in Australia. They have apprenticeship jobs across Australia.  
Year 13
Find apprenticeships across Australia at Year 13.  
ApprenticeNow is a simple and free feature for potential carpentry, plumbing and electrical apprentices to partner with local businesses and also helps local tradies find good people to work with. ApprenticeNow has been established in order to connect the industry’s best with potential apprentices, eager to learn and willing to work. It’s free to register, simply complete your details in the online form, and we put you in touch with tradesmen looking for ambitious apprentices.
Apprenticeships in the minerals and energy sectors
The National Apprenticeships Program (NAP) was developed by East Coast Apprenticeships in QLD to address the growing shortage of skilled workers in the minerals and energy sectors. It offers Advanced Entry Adult Apprenticeship scheme – an innovative alternative for talented Australians with extensive trade skills and experience, but not necessarily a formal qualification, to complete trade training, potentially within 18 months.  
Trade apprentices QLD
A QLD Government website for out-of-trade apprentices and prospective employers.    
Need an Apprentice (NSW & VIC)
Be one. Find One. Recruitment site by GTA VIC, GTA NSW and Vic State Govt.  
Apprentice Match  Apprentice Match allows jobseeker to browse apprenticeship vacancies and create an online profile. Apprenticeship Match will then notify them via email of any jobs posted that match what they're looking for.
Job Search
This site can be used to find Australian Apprenticeship vacancies. You will need to click on the appropriate state, search in your desired location and select 'Australian Apprenticeships'.
We suggest that you type the word "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under key words.
Includes links to a wide range of key job websites in Australia. We suggest that when you choose the website or work type that you type in "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under key words and select your location and then hit search.
We suggest you type in "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under key words and select your location and then hit search.
Career One
We suggest that you type in "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under key words and select your location and then hit search.
Select "Apprenticeships & Traineeships" in the All Classfications dropdown menu and select your location and then click search.
We suggest that you type in "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under key words and select your location and then hit search.
Indeed is a search engine for jobs, allowing job seekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards. We suggest that you type in "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" in the "What" field.
Glassdoor is a free jobs and careers community that offers an inside look at jobs and companies.
Type "apprentice" or "trainee" into the 'Job Title' field to see results for apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies in your location. allows job seekers to instantly find jobs from many job vacancy web sites with a single search. This site delivers job listings from corporate web sites, job boards, recruitment agencies and other sources.
Type 'apprentice' or 'trainee' in the keywords field to find Australian Apprenticeship vacancies.
Type either 'apprentice' or 'trainee' into the search field to browse Australian Apprenticeship vacancies across Australia.
This job site includes job ads directly from the employers, not from recruitment agencies.
Search for apprenticeships or traineeships by typing either "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" in to the search field.
Byron Employment
We suggest that you type in "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under key words and select your location and then hit search.
Snipey Job Search
We suggest that you type in "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under key words and select your location and then hit search.
We suggest that you type "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under What? and select your location and then hit search.
We suggest that you type "apprenticeship" or "traineeship" under What? and select your location and then hit search.
This program is for student completing Year 12 and people with a passion for ICT who are looking for a career change. Applications close 4 August 2017.
Australian Public Service (APS)
This job search tool lets you search for a job based on the agency, capabilities and the level of APS you wish to apply for.
State and Territory government jobs
Links to all Australian state and territory government job sites can be found here.
Jobs Victoria is funded to address labour market disadvantage, support disadvantaged Victorians into the workforce, provide targeted support services for people looking for work and for employers looking for workers.
nbn is here to design, build and operate Australia's new broadband network.
Find and apply for a job in the fields of information technology and telecommunications. 
Environmental Jobs
Environmental Jobs Network job site deals with a range of job options that may include entry-level employment or Australian Apprenticeships.
Salon Staff
An Australian Hair and Beauty job board and directory.
Health Job Search
This site lists Health sector jobs across Victoria. Traineeships and Apprenticeships may be listed along with a broad range of professional and para-professional vacancies.
Jobs in Mining
Australian Apprenticeships are a great way to learn and train on-the-job within the minerals industry.