Career Interest Explorer



This resource will help you identify your career interests. This is an important part of your career planning as the information can help narrow down career pathway ideas.
Career interests are different to abilities or skills. They are activities you enjoy doing or are interested in, which can then show where you could develop your skills and abilities.
The Career Interest Explorer is based on seven basic work types. You respond to some statements to see the strength of your interest across these seven work types. This should take about five to ten minutes.
After that you can search for occupational or industry based career information related to each work type.
It is useful to find out your interests today, but your answers may change once you have discovered more information.
The more you discover about a work type that interests you, the more likely it is that you will be able to make a clear and informed decision about your future career options.
The menu items on the left also allow you to use work types to search directly for occupations and industry based career information.
You can also find information and links to career development resources in the 'Career Interest Resources' menu. Here you'll also find descriptions of each work type in the 'What are Work Types?' item.