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This page displays examples of Australian Apprenticeship occupations that are based on the qualification you were viewing on the My Skills website.

Also displayed is information on the availability of each occupation in each State and Territory and an indication of the time it would take to complete the Australian Apprenticeship.

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Sample Job and Training Descriptions Relating to this Qualification

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Availability of Australian Apprenticeships by State/Territory and Nominal Duration (in months)

Notes: A Qualification registered by a State or Territory as available as an Australian Apprenticeship may not be eligible for public funding support, check with the relevant State or Territory Training Authority.

Nominal durations listed are for full time occupations, stated in months.  In some cases nominal durations provided may not include the completion of pre-requisites. This data is sourced from State and Territory Training Authorities and is provided for information only and must be confirmed with these authorities.