• The Pathway to an Australian Apprenticeship for people with a disability

    This Flowchart summarises the steps to finding an Apprenticeship. 

  • Looking for work?

    The Department of Human Services provides a list of useful links and information for people who have a disability, illness or injury.

  • Disability Employment Services

    Disability Employment Services provides specialist help for people with disability, injury or health condition who require support to find and maintain sustainable employment. DES is delivered by a network of organisations around Australia.

  • JobAccess

    Provides information for people working with job seekers with a disability, for job seekers with a disability and for employers or potential employers. The information focuses on employment or work related issues with the addition of having some general information about specific disabilities.

  • Support for Apprentices with Disability

    Australian Apprentices with disability and their employers may be eligible to receive additional assistance under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program.

  • Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (Apprenticeship Network) providers

    Apprenticeship Network providers operate in every state and territory to provide assistance to employers, Australian Apprentices and training providers throughout the duration of the Australian Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship Network providers can provide information on incentives and initiatives including those specifically applicable to people with a disability.

  • Ticket to Work

    Ticket to Work is creating employment opportunities for young people with disability across Australia. It prepares students for the workplace and giving them an employment pathway that will ensure they move into a successful life beyond school. This may include Ticket to Work Australian School-based Traineeships or Apprenticeships.

  • Group Training Organisations

    Group training organisations (GTOs) are registered in all states and territories with the aim of increasing the number of apprentice and trainees in specific industry, regional and equity target areas to help meet state and national priorities. GTOs employ apprentices and trainees, manage their placement to host employers and ensure they receive appropriate training from registered training organisations (RTOs). 

  • Registered Training Organisations

    Registered training organisations (RTOs) provide training, support and assess apprentices/trainees. Registered training providers include include TAFE colleges, private and community training organisations, schools, higher education institutions and some large employers. RTOs provide additional services and support to people with a disability.

    You will find RTO search links in the 'Networks and Resources' section on the left hand menu of this page.